Korean Traditional Costume- Baek Oaksoo

Baek Oak Soo’s designs are comfortable, loose fitting, luxurious and create a beautiful feeling. Creating harmony with traditional colors and modern colors, Baek Oak Soo’s style intertwines traditional feeling and modern sense.
To create a new style of Hanbok’s, Baek Oak Soo uses materials and the style from the Joseon Dynasty as a base and creates traditional Hanbok’s to fusion Hanbok dress. Each season Baek Oak Soo creates a new design with different color combinations to make new style for each season.
Baek Oak Soo tries to make the Hanbok timeless. Keeping the beauty of the Hanbok and introducing it to the world, Baek Oak Soo’s designs raise the value of tradition. Baek Oak Soo’s clothes are not worn once, but are noble and precious and many bride and groom’s wear Baek Oak Soo’s pieces.
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Traditional Hanbok, Traditional Bedding, Children’s Hanbok, Traditional Accessories, Wedding Gifts

Cho Jinwoo (CEO)

  • Experience
  • Chung-Ang University (CAU)- Clothing and Textiles & Korea Clothing Culture
    2002-2005 KBS Art Vision work
    2008 Hanbok Love Festival
    International Costume Congress invite
    2008- Present Korea Wedding Industrialists Association director

Baek Oaksoo

  • Experience
  • 2008- Present Korea Wedding Industrialists Association vice president
    2010- Present Korea-China Friendship Association of Culture & Economy director
    2009- Present Korea Formal Style Association Hanbok committee director

엄세나 이사

  • History
  • Royal Holloway University of London, Department of Business Administration
    Keio University, Language Program, Japanese course
    2005-2008 Worked for Korea Cable Telecom at department of planning


2005 8th annual Hyomyeong Seja historical reenactment event and exhibition
2006 Onnuri Vision Ensemble Costume
Jinju Silk Fair
LG Oriental Cosmetics FU- Development Project
KOSCO Costume Fair
2007 Baek Oak Soo * Lee Young Joo S/S Collection, Park Hyatt
YTN Chusuk Special broadcast
ART TV broadcast
2008 Ritz Carlton Hotel Opera Wedding
Baek Oak Soo Salon Show at Korean Traditional Costume Baek Oak Soo
20th Small Business Association hosted Fashion Show
Korean Royal Costume Reteach Institute 30th Anniversary Fashion Show
1st World Belly dance Competition Sponsor
2009 Home and Table Deco Fair
2009 2009 Hong Kong Fashion Week
Asian Bridal Summit 2009 Japan, Shizuoka Korean Representative Hanbok Show
2009 2nd Korea Bridal Fair in Kyoto Exhibition
Millennium Hilton “Crystallized fair in Seoul Wedding zone” Exhibition
2009 Home and Table Deco Fair
Ritz Carlton Hotel Opera Wedding, Baek Oak Soo Salon Show
2010 Green Seoul Fashion Festival Exhibition
Korea Formal Style Association G20 First Ladies Gala Fashion Show
2010 Home and Table Deco Fair
2011 Meet the Swarovski Elements Exhibition
2011 Formal Hanbok Fair Show
2012 Korean Traditional Costume Baek Oak Soo 2012 Fall/Winter Hanbok Show
VOGUE, Fashion into Art photo album
Movie “Gone with the Wind” Manufacture Report costume design
UN Official event Annual First Ladies & Fashion 4 Development Luncheon 2012
2013 World Fashion 4 Development (WF4D), Korea Formal Style Association and Charity Fashion Event CIFF at Conrad
Italy Embassy Sponsored “Korea Day” Hanbok Special Exhibition
Cheonggyecheon Korea Traditional Costume Baek Oak Soo Solo Hanbok Show
7th K Beauty Design World Contest Sponsored Royal Costume Hanbok Show
Korea Formal Style Association Sponsored Coming of Age Day Event
2014 Asian Model Awards Event Commemorative Hanbok Show
Global Korean Diaspora Hanbok Show
2014 Global Costume Festival Korea Representative Hanbok- Hanbok Show
2015 Global Universiade Official Opening Ceremony Costume
International Jewelry Design Competition, Grand Prize for Hanbok
National Theater of Korea, Korean Sori Sum (Korean Traditional Singing) Stage Costume
Hong Kong Embassy Sponsored “Korea Day” Hanbok Fashion Show in Hong Kong
2016 Jung-gu District Office Sponsored Dasan Castle Route Hanbok Show
Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Sponsored Hanbok Show in Beijing