– National Collegiate Fashion Union O.F.F. (Off he Fixed Idea of Fashion)
-Established in 1996. 12
-Nationwide 5 chapters (Seoul Gyeongin chapter, Dae-gu Gyeongbuk chapter, Daejeon Chungcheong chapter, Gwangju Jeong Nam chapter, Busan Gyeongnam chapter)
-About 2,000 members
-11 Designer participants


2008 KTF “2008 So hot Fashion Show” partnership @ Yongsan I’Park mall
12th Annual O.F.F. Fashion Show “Shh~!” @ Ceresta
13th Annual O.F.F. Fashion Show “Rebellion” @ Yongsan District I’Park mall
2009 Yeoju Hangul Day “Sejong culture celebration Hangul Fashion Show”
Dae-gu Gyeongbuk District “Colorful Dae-gu” Booth
2010 14th Annual O.F.F. Fashion Show @ Seoul city hall plaza
2011 Dae-gu District Korea Design Membership Exhibition
15th O.F.F. Fashion Show @ Hanbit Media Park
Yeoju Hangul Day “Sejong culture celebration Hangul Fashion Show”
2012 16th O.F.F. Fashion Show “C’est la vie” @ D-cube City
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs hosted Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon)Fashion Show @ Cheonggyecheon outdoor stage
Korea Fashion News .com with O.F.F.
17TH Annual O.F.F Fashion Show “Tacheles” @ D-cube City
Halloween party MAD HOUSE @ Club Boutique
2014 D-cube Fashion Party with O.F.F.
LOTTE Nowon District X O.F.F flea market
D-cube Flea Market with O.F.F.
Busan Gyongnam chapter 40 stairs IFAF Fashion Show
18th Annual O.F.F. Fashion Show “A land of Ripples, Africa” @ DOOTA