Event Summary

Business Name Seoul 365 Fashion Show
Host City of Seoul
Modeling Company Asia Model Association
Duration 2017. 3-11
Location City of Seoul (Namsan, Namdaemun Department Store, etc.)


Fashion show collaboration with the citizens

The Seoul 365 Fashion Showis a fashion show of collaboration between the city of Seoul and the citizens to promote and celebrate the culture, the beautiful city of Seoul and growth in the fashion world. This fashion show takes place throughout the city of Seoul and introduces new places of development and renovation to the citizens. The Seoul 365 Fashion Show is also unique in that over 100 models and event staff are hired from the general public and provided professional training, which creates future job opportunities and economic gain.


Seoul 365 Fashion Show Purpose

  • To immerse the public to culture and art that they can enjoy
  • To promote tourism in the city of Seoul
  • To initiate involvement of the general public as a citizen’s festival
  • To lay groundwork and standard for the fashion industry
  • To create job opportunities for millennials and provide professional training for future jobs


2017 Seoul 365 Fashion Show Program Introduction

Seoul 365 Fashion Show
A fashion show that not only fashion designers, models, and those of the fashion industry will enjoy, but also one that will be enjoyed by citizens of the general public. Every month the focus of the type of fashion will be different, as well as the location providing 365 varieties. The Seoul 365 Fashion Show also supports fashion designers and models to pursue their dreams within the fashion industry.

365 Pop-up Store
Pop-up stores to promote local businesses by creating collaboration and opportunity for the new and upcoming fashion designers to advertise their designer collection.

Cultural Performance
The Seoul 365 Fashion show focuses on the partnership of art within fashion and the various cultures in which the fashion show is taking place to enhance the experience and develop the impact of fashion in both art and culture.