June 17, 2018 (Sun.)


On June 17 (Sun.), The Seoul 365 Fashion Show will take place at Sejong-daero in light of the ‘Day of Car-free
Street’ and under the concept ‘Fantasy Seoul.’
Seoul’s representative tourist attraction, Gwanghwamun Gate, will sit in the background as this fashion brings
Korea’s unique spirit and atmosphere to life.

Doucan’s designer Choi Chung-hoon and Sling Stone’s designer Park Jong-chul, who have given publicity to K-
fashion in foreign countries, will take part to present a harmony of Korean and Asian energy with fashion.

Lastly, there will be drum performances by the gugak group ‘TAGO’,
and we ask for your love and interest.

Fashion Show Program

14:30 ~ 14:40 Large drum performance
14:40 ~ 15:00 Fashion Show Part 1
16:00 ~ 16:10 Large drum performance
16:10 ~ 16:30 Fashion Show Part 2