April 25, 2018 (Wed.)


Seoullo Terrace
(Connecting passageway to Daewoo Foundation Building)
The first periodic fashion show of 2018!
On April 25 (Wed.), the first fashion show to periodically open in Seoullo will commence in splendor.
This fashion show with the theme ‘putting youth onto fashion’ will be joined by the up-and-coming designer ‘man.G’ who grafted ‘graffiti,’ a symbol of freedom and youth, to fashion.
There will also be a talented busking team who will change the fresh spring air into an air of excitement together with a graffiti performance team who will design the beautiful setting of the fashion show.
This fashion show, with its powerful, youthful fragrance and through designer ‘man.G’ and his slogan ‘love of my life,’
will express the concepts of freedom and youth with uniqueness and wit.
There will also be a pop-up store to satisfy lingering images of the fashion show, and we ask for your love and support.

Fashion Show Program

11:10 ~ 11:30 Busking performance
11:30 ~ 11:45 Fashion show part 1 (graffiti performance)
12:30 ~ 13:00 Lee Young Gon designer show
13:00 ~ 13:15 Busking performance
12:15 ~ 12:20 Fashion show part 2 (graffiti performance)