April 11, 2018 (Wed.)


Sewing History Museum
Sewn fashion, a wave of fashion that begins in Seoul!
– Linked with ‘Sewing History Museum Opening Ceremony’
The upcoming ‘Sewing History Museum Fashion Show’ to take place on April 11 will include participation by the fashion co-brand ‘Sogue,’ a new attempt by the local government of Seoul and the Seoul Design Foundation, and it will be held at the ‘Sewing History Museum,’ which was selected as one of 20 New Spots.
The Sewing History Museum, which is a space of exchange between citizen communication and various fields, uses the sewing process through which fabric is connected by thread to create a piece of work and displays the past, present and future of sewn fashion.
This upcoming Sewing History Museum Fashion Show will contribute to the advancement of the fashion sewing industry at the Sewing History Museum and will present the foundation of the global brand ‘Sogue’ that is available for worldwide distribution. It is a special fashion show that will announce the start of the 2018 Seoul 365 Fashion Show, and we ask for your participation and support!^^

Fashion Show Program

11:00 ~ 11:15 Reception Seoul 365 Fashion Show