Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Seoullo7017 (Nearby extension to Daewoo Foundation of Seoul Station overpass)
Third fashion show at Seoullo7017
-Trail in the city, fashion show “Promenade along Seoullo7017”

On coming June 14, another promenade fashion show at Seoullo7017 will be presented.
This fashion show has a concept of ‘leisured and resting promenade’

Through the fashion show of Designer Ha Dongho’s Sewing Boundaries 17SS Collection, the feeling of composure, and beauty of nature within the city that could be felt while walking along Seoullo7017 are expressed.

Also, , a pop-up store where the cloths of Designer Ha Dongho could be purchased is prepared together with the fashion show.

Fashion Show Program

17:00 ~ 17:15 Fashion Show Part 1
19:00 ~ 19:15 Fashion Show Part 2