I would like to model for the Seoul 365 Fashion Show

There are two ways to become a model for the Seoul 365 Fashion Show.   1. Professional Seoul 365 Model The city of Seoul is supporting the ‘365 models’ to create jobs and opportunity. Right now, we are running three rounds of models, and we are currently looking for a fourth round of models. If…

Where will the Seoul 365 Fashion Show take place?

Seoul 365 Fashion Show will take place throughout the city of Seoul. This unique fashion show will take place in public places around Seoul to create a special environment for citizens to experience this city. In collaboration with The Seoul Metropolitan Government and their local projects, this huge event throughout the city aims to highlight…

How do I attend the Seoul 365 Fashion Show?

The Seoul 365 Fashion Show doesn’t require you to purchase tickets or make reservations; the show is completely open to the public. By visiting the homepage or our Facebook page, you can view the details on each fashion show (date, location and time).